Thanksgiving Day 10-K

Since 1978!

Welcome to the home of the best, most authentic, small town Thanksgiving day running event in Northwest Connecticut. 2021 marks the 44th year of the Goshen Turkey Trot, first organized by a group of local friends in the 1970's. THE Turkey Trot attracts enthusiasts for exercise, enthusiasts for all of the magical intangibles of our wonderful community, and enthusiasts for Thanksgiving!

Don't just check the box. Do Thanksgiving right by partaking in the GOSHEN Turkey Trot.

It was a difficult but ultimately unquestionably responsible and necessary decision in 2020 to hold the race "virtually". In 2021 we are thrilled to be in a better place with the COVID-19 pandemic. No, we are not completely out of the woods, so to speak. It's imperative that we learn from our experiences and be respectful of rules and guidelines ... but it appears that we WILL be able to hold the event in person again!

It is very important for us to find some unity, some genuine camaraderie among our friends and family. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this year and as you participate in this wonderful, healthy local tradition, please be well and love thy neighbor!

So register (REGISTRATION SHOP LINK HERE), get your friends and family members to register, join the Goshen Running Club's group on Strava, and keep an eye out for emails and our posts on Instagram and Facebook (@goshenturkeytrot).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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